Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CashJams?

A. CashJams is comprised of our web-app, and The Cashjams Radio App for iOS. We are a platform that facilitates the streaming, buying, and selling of music in a new and exciting way. Artists can upload their music, and music fans can stream, download, or “promote” songs from their favorite artists for monetary gain.

Q. What does it mean to “Promote” a song?

A. A music fan can “Promote” songs from by paying an Artist for the right to do so. The Artist sets the price for the ability to promote their song for a thirty (30) day period, and the percentage the Promoter is entitled to for every song they sell. The Promoter is then given a personalized hyperlink that can be posted to social media sites (Facebook and Twitter). The Promoter is paid when anyone clicks the Promoter’s Link, and purchases the song from

Q. What is a Licensing Agreement?

A. In this context, a Licensing Agreement is a contract under which the Licensor (An Artist or Band), allows a Licensee (fan/promoter) to sell copies of their song(s) on in return for an agreed upon percentage of the proceeds, and an upfront fee. By signing up for an account on the Cashjams Platform, you agree to our Terms of Use, and Licensing Agreement. The Licensing Agreement kicks in for an Artist once they upload their songs onto the Platform, and becomes valid for a Promoter once they elect to become a Promoter.

Q. Are the licenses on exclusive?

A. NO. As an Artist you still retain 100% ownership of your work. All of your other distribution channels remain yours. Promoters are only paid for songs they personally sell on the Cashjams Platform, and on the Cashjams Platform only. The upfront cost to Promote an Artist’s music, and the percentage a Promoter will receive per sale, is determined by the Artist.

Q. Am I giving up ownership of my music by uploading songs to

A. NO. Cashjams is a facilitator of the transaction and strictly that. When a fan buys promotional rights, you are giving them permission to sell your music and giving them a percentage of the earnings for a period of thirty (30) days. All promoters can only promote your music through All song sales on other sites, and distribution channels are the sole property of the artist(s). Artists are still free to promote/display their songs in any other medium they choose outside of Cashjams.

Q. What is the process for Artists to upload their music onto

A. The process is pretty simple. First an artist or band needs to create a User Profile on The User Profile is the account that will collect all the revenue generated by the User’s Artist(s). From there they create their Artist profile(s) which are sub accounts associated to the User profile. Once the Artist’s profile is created, they click the "Add New Song" button on the Artist profile page. Songs can be uploaded onto in mp3 or WAV format. When the song has been successfully uploaded, the artist gets to select a 30 second sample clip of their song to be previewed by potential buyers. The Artist then sets: The Purchase Price (the cost to purchase a downloadable copy of the song), The Promotional Price (the cost to promote the song for 30 days), and the % Split (the % that goes to the promoter, and the % that goes to the Artist for every sale generated by the Promoter). Artists are also able and recommended to upload an image for the song as well.

Q. How do I become an Artist on

A. When you sign-up on the site, you are given a General user account. From there, you can create an Artist account (which will be associated to your General User account) by going to the "My Account" menu, and selecting "Create Artist."

Q. How do I become a Promoter on

A. When you sign-up on the site, you are given a General user account. To enable the "Promoter" feature for your General User account, go to the "My Account" menu, and select the "Become Promoter" option.

Q. How do fans/promoters find music to promote?

A. Two ways: Fans can browse songs on, or on The Cashjams Radio App. The app is a streaming radio with filters to search for songs such as, genre, popularity, recently uploaded, Promotional Price high/low, % Split high/low, etc. Any song you “favorite” on the app is saved to your account on

Q. How does CashJams facilitate fans/promoters in promoting music?

A. When a fan buys "promotional rights" to an artist’s song, CashJams provides the fan (now promoter) with a personalized hyperlink that can be inserted into various social media sites. When someone clicks the link, they will be taken to If and when the visitor buys the song, your account will be credited the amount owed to you for the sale.

Q. How much does it cost to buy "Promotional Rights" to a song?

A. The Artist determines the price to promote their song(s). This allows music fans the ability to browse songs not only based on genres, but also the cost it is to promote, and how much the Artist is willing to split of the sales.

Q. How long do I get to Promote a song?

A. Thirty (30) days

Q. What is the split between an artist and promoter when a song is sold?

A. The Artist determines the split. You will know upfront how much the Artist is willing to part with before you decide to promote. Users are able to search for songs based on which has the higher payout for Promoters.

Q. Who else gets paid when a song is purchased?

A. Five percent (5.00%) will go to a charity organization of the promoter’s or purchaser’s choice. CashJams will also take a five percent (5.00%) transaction fee. An example breakdown would be as follows: Promoter: 70% , Artist: 20% , Charity: 5% , CashJams: 5%

Q. Why does a percentage of revenue go to charity?

A. Good Question. CashJams was built with the intent on helping people reach success. This is our company’s mission. In order to make money on our site, you will need to be willing to give a little back to people less fortunate. We are not requiring much, but if everyone chips in a little, we can do big things. The charity function of the site can also work in the Promoter’s favor to serve as a marketing tool for artists and promoters, if used wisely. By having a small percentage of the proceeds going to charity, it creates that much more incentive for people to listen, and potentially buy the music.

Q. Who picks the charity?

A. For Promotional Rights Purchases, the Promoter picks the Charity. For Song Purchases, the purchaser of the song picks the charity.

Q. What charities can I elect to use?

A. allows users to pick from a list of several reputable 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. If there is a charity that you are passionate about and do not see it on the list, let us know and we will do our best to reach out to them.

Q. What transactions have a portion go to charity?

A. Promotional Rights Purchases, and Song Purchases. All at 5% of the Gross.

Q. At what price will songs be sold to the public?

A. Pricing for downloadable digital copies of a song is set by the Artist ranging from 1-4 Credits ($0.33 - $1.33).

Q. What are "Credits"?

A. "Credits" are CashJams’ form of currency. When someone wants to buy "promotional rights" to a song or a downloadable copy of a song, they must convert money into "Credits."

Q. How many "Credits" does $1.00 USD get me?

A. Three (3)

Q. Can I convert my "Credits" back to my regular currency?

A. Absolutely. When a user wants to "Cash Out," they must go through a simple process to get their funds converted back to their regular currency. Eventually a direct deposit feature will be implemented on the site, but for now, a check will be mailed to the user. Please allow up to sixty (60) days for us to process your information, verify your account is in good standings, and search for any fraudulent activity or copyright infringement. In the future, this process will not take as long, plus it usually takes a fraction of that time.

Q. Is there a limit to how much money I can deposit/withdrawal?

A. Yes. Minimum deposit amounts are $5.00. The Minimum Withdrawal amount is currently set at $10.00 USD and is subject to change.

Q. Can I withdrawal "gifted" Credits?

A. No. Gifted Credits must be used within the site. Any Credits earned, even from "gifted" credits can be converted back to $ and withdrawn.

Q. Why would I let a fan/promoter make money off my music?

A. A great question. The creators of are artists, musicians, and songwriters. They believed there had to be a better way to get their music heard, and to make more money doing what they loved. was developed with the vision to apply & improve the "power of numbers" strategy to music promotion and distribution. Instead of a band or artist having to exhaust time and resources to gain exposure, why not allow their fans to do it for them? Why not incentivize your loyal fans by giving them a piece of the pie?
Different Artists employ different strategies on the Platform. Some offer Promotional Rights for very cheap, with a low % going to the Promoter, while others prefer more money upfront with a higher return for the Promoter. Play with the numbers to find what works best for you.

Q. How much does it cost to Sign-Up?

A. Signing up is FREE! There are premium accounts available to artists that see value in the upgraded features.

Q. As an artist, how many songs can I upload onto

A. CashJams allows all basic artist accounts 2 hours of uploaded content absolutely FREE! Should an artist desire to add more of their music, they can pick from any of our premium subscriptions to maximize their chance of gaining large amounts of revenue and even larger amounts of exposure. PLEASE NOTE: Once you have uploaded a song onto, you must ENABLE it to be promoted. You can do this by going to the Artist Dashboard.

Q. What kind of music files can I upload?

A. mp3 or WAV. WAV files take longer to upload, so please be patient.

Q. Can all of my songs be promoted?

A. Yes and No. Basic accounts have a limited amount of songs available for promotion. Artists must select what songs they want promoted, and can make several changes every 30 days. These changes are called "assignments." Our premium subscriptions allow more or unlimited uploads, and more or unlimited promotion/assignments.

Q. How do I make my song Promotable?

A. When an Artist initially uploads their song onto, it becomes available for streaming, and purchasing only. To enable the Promotional feature on the site, the artist needs to go to the Artist Dashboard, located in their Artist Profile Page. In the Artist Dashboard there is a list of all the songs the Artist has uploaded. The artist needs to "enable" the song under the "promotional status" section of the dashboard. By enabling a song, you use up 1 "assignment." Each account has a limited or unlimited "assignment" amount, renewing every 30 days. Use them wisely.

Q. What is an "Assignment"

A. "Assignments" relate to Artist users. With our Gold Account you need not worry about this, but for the other subscriptions, you have a limited number of songs you can upload and a limited number of songs that can be promoted. Every song that is uploaded is "disabled" from being promoted by default. If you "enable" the song to be promoted, that is an "Assignment."

Q. Can I upload songs that are not my original work?

A. NO! Every artist must adhere to our strict policies and be compliant with all copyright laws. Every song that an artist uploads onto our site must be 100% an original piece of work written by the artist, or you must have the proper license to do so. This includes music, melody and lyrics. CashJams has a strict no-tolerance policy for users who abuse any of these requirements.

Q. What is an "original piece of work"?

A. An original piece of work is exactly what it sounds like: 100% ORIGINAL. When we say 100% original, we mean every aspect of the song including, but not limited to: melody, chords, lyrics etc. came from your brain! does not allow any sampling, borrowing, re-making, covering or stealing of another person, group, or entity’s work to be uploaded onto our site. If you wrote a rap and are singing it over a beat that Dr. Dre created, you are STEALING! If you took it upon yourself to make a better version of “Stairway to Heaven,” please, kindly leave now. You can show these types of songs to your friends, your youtube fans, your mom, but not here. If you have any further questions about this matter, feel free to contact us, or please google “U.S. Copyright law” and do a little research. It is better to be safe than sorry. Copyright infringement is no joke.

Q. Does CashJams help prevent Copyright infringement and assure legitimacy of all music on the site?

A. CashJams is a platform that facilitates the buying and selling of media files. We bring buyers and sellers together, but do not claim to be involved beyond that. It is every users responsibility to exercise due diligence before they perform any transaction on the Cashjams platform. We do have a "Report Abuse" feature on that allows users to flag content that does not comply with our Terms of Use, and Licensing Agreement. We also do our best to investigate each User’s account when they elect to withdraw funds.

Q. Why can I not upload a song that is not an original of my own?

A. We are not trying to discriminate against people who elect to utilize the works of others for their own, and their fans, enjoyment. The internet has a lot of places where you can do whatever you want, but this is not one of them. The problem that these types of songs impose on our site comes down to money. This site was built with the intent to make lots of people lots of money. In a world (or in this case a platform) centered on money and distribution, there is no room for this type of music (can you say “lawsuit”?). It creates more legal issues than we care to deal with. Again, there are plenty of other sites that allow these types of music to be uploaded. We suggest exploring some of those instead.

Q. What if I collaborated on a song?

A. If you are in a band or have collaborated with other artists to make a song, then you must collectively designate a person as the administrator for the account. This person will then be responsible for disbursing any funds earned from the song(s) from the User Account.

Q. I am not getting the amount of traffic to my songs as I expected. Is there something I can do?

A. Make sure you have “enabled” your songs to be promoted. Also, try playing with the “purchase price,” “promotional price,”, and “% split,” on your songs to find that sweet spot.

Q. Can I remove songs I have uploaded onto the site?

A. Yes, but you must still honor any promotional licensing you have extended to promoters. Once the 30 day license has expired, the song will be removed from the site.

Q. Can I delete my account with

A. Yes.

Q. Can Record Labels sign up for a Cashjams account?

A. Yes. We offer a Platinum Subscription for record labels that allow unlimited Artists, Unlimited Uploads, and Unlimited Promotional Time. The Account comes with a downloadable report breaking down the revenue generated by each artist for any desired timeframe, so any earned money can be dispersed accordingly. If you own a label, send us a note to admin (at) and we can discuss your options.

Q. Do Artists get paid per stream?

A. Artists are paid .01 Credits for every stream of ninety (90.00) seconds or more from The Cashjams Radio App.