• Pyramids on Mars

  • By: Pyramids on Mars
  • Listens: 1294
  • Instrumental, Rock, Metal
  • Pyramids on Mars is music that really sounds like it’s from Mars!! A combination of elements such as hard rock, industrial, metal and psychedelic rock. Well crafted, beautiful, melodic phrases. "Pyramids on Mars is the embodiment of who I am. My musical influences, my philosophies on life, the universe" “I have always been attracted to space, and a lot of my sound is influenced from my childhood growing up in the '70's. Music from the Mystical Red Planet.
  • Songs

Track Information Time Listens Actions
Pyramids on Mars 04:38 132
Where the Hearts Meet... 04:12 122
Saturn on the Horizon (Parts I & II) 07:57 112
Descending Saturn 05:42 110
Paradigmskifte 06:24 117
Battle for Rome 05:49 122
Starjumper 05:49 122
Never Forgot You 05:08 103
Summer by the Ocean 04:24 117
Darth Chaosic 05:24 125
King of the Mountain 03:26 112