• Fantastic Planet

  • By: Greg Harrigan
  • Listens: 697
  • Indie, Dance, Rock
  • After a long night at a roadside tavern, somewhere between Interstate 95 and Quadrant 44, a disheveled group of failed “somethings” would meet and discuss their version of a “Fantastic Planet.” Although they were not the brightest stars in the galaxy, nor the dregs of your usual dive bar musicians, these five multi-instrumentalists were passionate in their belief of what the future could bring. In an effort to build a planet of sound, our heroes would combine their previous recording and performing knowledge. Thrusting forward with a love of space influenced artist like David Bowie and ELO, new wavers Talking Heads, and low budget science fiction films, they would work vigorously to create a sound that would burn like the heart of the sun. With whiskey filled hearts, and ice in their veins, the controls were set and the new band of misfits piled into the aircraft, otherwise know as, "the S.S. Showmanship." “Fantastic Planet” is a danceable, mini-orchestral, glitter sweeping, bucket smashing, rock and roll voyage, whose base camp is out of Philadelphia, PA. Their mantra: to evoke crowds to move their bodies like no other rock opus has before them, while breaking the hearts of fem-bots with every sour power chord and xylophone smash. Their first two EP's are available at Hidden Gem Records. Songs can be heard on WXPN, Gashouse Radio, and XRP Radio.
  • Songs

Track Information Time Listens Actions
Mirrors 03:32 126
Ghosts 04:29 161
Wordless 03:09 129
Shelia Get the Gun 04:10 138
Galaxy High 04:33 143