• By: Dee Lusional
  • Listens: 3264
  • Hip Hop, RAP, Hardcore
  • DEELU$IONAL is an independent artist from High Point, Nc. Originally born in Las Vegas, Nv, DEELU$IONAL relocated to Newport, Nc at the age of 2 years old. After spending approx. 17 years at the east coast he moved to High Point, Nc and has since resided in his home on the north end of town. At the age of 14 DEELU$IONAL discovered his passion for music after witnessing a "Truth" commercial on tv. The commercial inspired lyrics to flow like a waterfall and has helped shape the mind of DEELU$IONAL. Now a singer/song writer and producer, DEELU$IONAL owns his own recording studio and manages several different artists. Specializing in music production, graphic arts, and media arts DEELU$IONAL is growing to be a big name in the triad area of North Carolina. With plans to take on projects Ft. artists such as "Tech N9ne", "Hopsin", and "Krizz Kaliko", DEELU$IONAL is very determined to dominate the music industry with his originality, and "out of this world" style of music.
  • Songs

Track Information Time Listens Actions
Drag Me Down 03:58 111
Staying On My Grind Ft. Mike Bontempi & Boss Haus 03:53 142
Da Grimm One - Put It Down Ft. Lady A & DEELU$IONAL (Prod By DJ Bacham) 03:35 124
Got No Love Ft. Ki 03:57 126
Dirty Sex 03:20 121
Give Me More Than One (One Shot) 03:18 114
Do It Like We Do It Ft. Boss Haus & Top Money 04:12 100
Follow Me 03:24 96
Crazy Lately (Freestyle) 02:40 131
I C U Ft. Boss Haus & Top Money 04:27 143
Dreams Fail (Alter Ego) 04:22 140
Love Proof 04:22 143
Hello, Goodbye 03:19 108
Face The World 03:42 114
Time Keeps Tickin' 05:08 89
The Reason 04:12 89
Set It Off 01:51 125
Thinkin' Bout You 03:52 87
I Hear You Talkin' 04:41 98
My Dreams Will Prosper 03:53 109
Just Gotta Know 03:35 130
Everybody 03:43 126
It Was Just A Dream 03:53 121
Everyone Says They Understand 04:35 106
Get Off My Dick Ft. Ki, Link, & Boss Haus 04:15 145
Open My Eyes 05:12 101
Gave Me A Sign 03:08 106
Rap's Advocate Ft. Boss Haus & Jewce 04:47 119