• 3 Bricks Shy

  • By: Rick Lally
  • Listens: 1354
  • Americana, Folk, Rock
  • So what is 3 Bricks Shy? 3 Brick Shy is comprised of songwriters Rick Lally, Shay Ryburn and Melinda Highfill. Their music melds across several genres including acoustic rock, country, pop, folk, blues, alternative and jazz. The band officially came into existence in November of 2012. Songwriters Rick Lally and Shay Ryburn both had solo music released before they joined forces performing as Rick and Shay. Melinda Highfill joined them on various songs in the studio and on many different occasions during live performances. Melinda joined the team full-time in the summer of 2012 for the release party of both Rick's and Shay's solo CDs. After a couple of months worth of brain storming for a band name they decided they were - 3 Bricks Shy! For Sure!
  • Songs

Track Information Time Listens Actions
Winter Is Over 01:57 140
It Will Come Back To You 02:55 143
Dance All Night 03:10 117
What Do You Say 03:02 103
Islands 03:43 162
Sometimes 04:13 110
Screw The Cracker 03:02 142
Waterfall 03:27 125
Ain't No Way To Be 03:22 154
Good In Bed 02:50 158